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Walnuts are nutrient dense nuts. They are round and one seeded stone fruits from the walnut tree. The culture of the cultivated walnut tree is owed to Romans. Later it was popularized in England and France. Afterwards, they were taken by Spanish navigators to America. Slowly, it was then introduced in all continents. In India, cultivation of walnuts in Kashmir valley dates back to 1000 BC and its cultivation is limited to Jammu and Kashmir only now.
Most of the walnuts are also imported from USA, Chile , Ukraine, Afghanistan. Chile and Jammu Kashmir being the best quality out of them.
There are two major species of walnuts: English Walnuts and Persian Walnuts. Walnuts are an important crop in Kashmir and only home of both species of walnuts in India. The shell of Black Walnuts is thick, tough and hard to break whereas shell of English Walnuts is thin and easy to break. These English walnuts are tastier and aromatic compared to Black Walnuts. procures the best walnuts from Kashmir that are fresh and delicious. We deliver our customer the best walnuts that are hand-picked from Kashmir. We pack it perfectly so as to retain the freshness of the walnuts.
Walnuts contain oil and so they should be stored carefully or they will turn rancid. The ideal temperature of storing walnuts is 3-0 degree Celsius for longest possible storage. Since this temperature cannot be made available practically, Walnuts are also stored best in refrigeration temperatures like 25 degree Celsius. Walnuts can be used directly out of freezer and refrigerators and they rapidly thaw at room temperature. Walnuts with shells removed should be stored in air-tight containers and refrigerated or frozen. Walnuts can be refrigerated for 6 months and can be kept in freezers for a year. Walnuts with shells should be stored in a cool dry place in a plastic bag. Shelled walnuts can be stored for 3 months.
Walnuts have incredible health benefits. They reduce bad cholesterol in the body, improve the metabolism and controls diabetes. They increase the activity of the brain because of the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, walnuts improve heart function, boost bone health, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, regulate sleep, manage weight, boosts mood, and skin care.
In the last couple of years, walnuts have gained popularity due to its nutritional value. It included minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and more and also vitamins like vitamin C, E, B12, K, A, niacin etc. Walnuts are best for joint pains especially for the knees. They also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

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