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Chefcap is always ready to serve you by its online grocery store in Delhi/NCR, Dwarka, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Noida. All you need is to visit our page, choose your products from the list of our variety of products, place them to cart, choose your payment option and place the order. We have tried our best to make things easier and convinient for our customers. As soon as your order is received we review and accept it and deliver it to you in maximum of 2 days.

Explanation for How Points System will work?

Chefcap Team has always ben working for the benefit of its customers and as a step to this we have introduced points system for the customers to enjoy additional benefits. Now for every purchase you make you will earn points equivalent to 1% of your total bill amount. For example if you order for Rs. 1000 so you will get 10 points , for order value of Rs. 100 you will attain 1 point and likewise. These points will be automatically credited into your account on Chefcap and you can avail them from the next purchases you make. Each point has a value of Re. 1 and you can avail as many points as you want in next purchase subjected to availability in your account.
There is a column at Checkout page where you can fill in the points you want to redeem and click on Avail Points and the amount equivalent to Re. 1 * Number of points will be deducted from your total invoice.
Furthermore there is no minimum order or no minimum point value to be availed.
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Our Main Functions:
  • Best Supplier of Spices
  • Best Supplier of Dry Fruits
  • Best Supplier of Dried Fruits
  • Best Supplier of Ground Spices
  • Best Supplier of Whole Spices
  • Best Supplier of Seeds and Nuts
  • Best Supplier of Dal/Pulses
  • Best manufacturer of Spices
  • Best manufacturer of Masala
  • Buy Kitchen Masala and Spices Online