21 tips on how not to buy stale food

Friendly sellers, enticing promotions, bright packaging - all this is a specially thought-out marketing ploy to attract the attention of the buyer, aimed at maximizing product sales. However, not everything beautifully packaged and interestingly presented is useful and of high quality.

Let's look at a few tips to help you buy quality, healthy and tasty products from the stream offered.


The first thing to notice is the color of the meat. For fresh meat, depending on the variety and species, a pale pink or red tint is characteristic, it should be elastic, dry, without plaque and mucus.

Minced meat

Depending on the type of meat used, the color of the frozen product may be light pink or red. Minced meat with dark patches or with a gray tint is stale, stale, improperly stored or weathered, and naturally should not be bought. Chilled high-quality minced meat should not contain cartilage, tendons, the secreted juice will be a light red hue. If there is no juice, it is not recommended to buy minced meat.


In order to determine the quality of chicken, one color is not enough, even pale pink chicken meat can be dangerous. You need to feel the chicken: while the skin should be dry, not sticky, without damage and dark spots. The age of a chicken can be determined by the color of its skin. A young tender chicken has pale, uniform skin, and small scales on its paws. In an old chicken, the skin will have a greasy, yellow color, and the meat will be tough.

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Before buying fish, it must be carefully examined. The carcass should be intact, without damage, the scales should evenly cover the entire carcass, the eyes should be bright without turbidity and protrusions, the gills should be bright red. The carcass taken in hand should be plastic and not form dents when pressed. If at least one of the points does not match, you should not risk your health and buy the product.


Modern stores offer a huge assortment of sausages. Sometimes you can find a white coating on sausages - this is acceptable provided that this coating does not stick and without mucus. It is important not to buy products with a bright color in the cut, remember, natural meat darkens during processing, and cannot be bright pink.


It is recommended to buy milk in glass, as it is easier to assess its quality visually. A quality product should have a thick consistency of rich white color without a blue tint. If high-quality full-fat milk is spilled on the table or on a plate, the drops will keep their shape and will not spread, unlike diluted milk.

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Frozen berries, fruits and vegetables

Before buying frozen food, you first need to assess the temperature of the counter where it is located - the temperature of the frozen food counter must be below -18 ° C, otherwise you should not buy such products. The packaging must be free of damage, icing, swelling. If there is one solid frozen piece inside the package, it is recommended to refuse such a purchase.


Bread must be well baked. The main indicator of baked bread is an easy and quick restoration of shape after pressing. If the dent remains after pressing, the bread is underbaked, and you can’t buy it.

It is recommended to buy bread whole and without plastic packaging.

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Quality product has an amber or golden hue without gray blotches, damage. Pasta that is yellow (bright) or white with gray patches is of low quality.


Damaged, crushed grains of rice are defective, but they can be found on the shelves. Quality rice should be presented with even, whole grains, without additional impurities, and the packaging should be undamaged.

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Eggs a popular food product, but you need to choose them correctly, as they can carry a serious danger to the body. When choosing eggs, it is recommended to view the egg in transmitted light. The presence of dark spots inside is an indicator of product spoilage. Also, a fresh egg should not make squelching sounds when shaken.


Coffee in beans is recommended to be tasted “by the tooth”. Quality grain should break into two halves, the inside of the grain should be dense and dry. An indicator of low-quality grain is softness. Ground coffee is determined by smell. The aroma of ground coffee should be natural, soft, without harsh notes. Also, the quality of the soluble product can be determined in yet another way. Pour one spoonful of coffee into a glass of cold water - high-quality coffee will dissolve on its own and leave no sediment at the bottom.

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In storage, the product picks up moisture and becomes damp, resulting in lumps. High-quality sugar should have a uniform, crumbly texture without lumps and additions.

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Sunflower oil

Bottle with oil must be tightly closed, without dents, with an intact label. If there is a cloudy sediment at the bottom of the bottle (an indicator of oxidation) - the product is of poor quality, with bitterness, and you should not buy it.

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High-quality natural butter should have a high percentage of fat - over 72 percent. At low fat content, emulsifiers, food colors, flavors and vegetable fats are added to the composition. If you bend and carefully consider the packaging of the oil, then the foil of a high-quality oil will be perfectly clean without white marks. Natural oil has a light creamy, yellowish tint or pale white color. A pronounced bright white or yellow color is an indicator of the presence of food coloring or low fat content.

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Hard cheese

When choosing hard cheeses, it is important to pay attention to the color (uniform without inclusions and veins), the size and distribution of the eye (uniform distribution throughout the piece with the same size), elasticity (should quickly restore shape when pressed). If at least one subparagraph does not match, it is better to refuse the purchase.

Ice cream

Before you buy ice cream, you need to carefully study its composition. It is recommended to buy a product that contains marmalade, candied fruit or nuts. Berry flavors and jams are 100% low-quality and not natural ingredients. It is important to understand that frozen popsicles are 100% preservative without the slightest hint of naturalness and usefulness.

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First the quality indicator of chocolate is its composition. The composition of high-quality and natural chocolate contains a minimum number of components, which should be headed by cocoa and cocoa butter.

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Quality and natural carrots must be of medium size (large carrots are grown with pesticides and other chemicals), without damage, spots and without bright orange color.

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Bulgarian pepper

Inside the fruit two or three divisions - it is bitter. If there are at least 4 divisions, it is sweet.

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Green onion

When buying green onions, you need to pay attention to the transition from the white part to the green - if there is a clear edge, the onion is good, with a smooth transition, it is very hard.

Another point during the food selection period is to pay attention to seasonal products. Buying summer vegetables in winter puts your body at risk, as such products contain pesticides and other chemicals.

Shop carefully and be healthy!

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