Diet for drying the body for men

Drying the body for men is a time when a man actively trains and selects the appropriate nutrition in order to give his body a relief. For some men, the process of drawing muscles occurs quite quickly and without much effort, while some have to “sweat”.

According to body structure, men can be divided into three types: ectomorphs (thin physique with a small percentage of muscle mass, for them drying will take place quickly), mesomorphs (muscular physique with a minimum amount of subcutaneous fat, the drying procedure is simplified and the most effective in a short period of time), typical endomorphs (muscular physique with a lot of subcutaneous fat, the procedure for drawing muscles is long and requires a lot of effort).

The main nuances of drying the body in men

Very often, adolescents and young men during the period of drawing muscles cannot achieve the desired result, since errors were made in the preparation of the program, in the process of training or there are errors in the diet. Nutrition for the relief of the body should be directed to both “mass” and “strength”. In the process of active training, the male body must fully receive the necessary vitamins, minerals, macro- and microelements, otherwise, not drying will be observed, but the breakdown of muscle mass.

The result of an incorrect diet can be not only the loss of muscle tissue, but also disruption of all vital systems in the body. With a long-term protein diet, the kidneys and liver are the first to suffer.

Diet for cutting the body is somewhat different from the usual diet for weight loss. A small amount of carbohydrates is provided for each day of training, and it is recommended to completely abandon them on weekends. Yes, the complete extermination of carbohydrates from the diet is an almost impossible mission, since they are present in small dosages in greens, fruits, and vegetables. But it is possible to exclude a larger percentage from the diet (removing carbohydrates with low GI from the daily menu: vegetables and cereals; high GI carbohydrates for the drying procedure and for the male body are completely harmless, but will somewhat slow down the effectiveness of the procedure).

For any athlete, regardless of body type, one third more protein should be consumed during the cutting period than he consumed during the muscle building period.

Rules for drying the body for men

The procedure for drawing relief on the male body is very laborious, and the effectiveness depends on how correctly the whole complex is performed:

  • breakfast is a mandatory meal, if you refuse to eat in the morning, you can provoke a slowdown in metabolic processes;
  • five meals a day - you need to eat food every three hours, in small portions, this procedure allows the body to cope with the food that has got into it much faster and at the same time, without putting off subcutaneous fat;
  • last meal should be at least two hours before bedtime;
  • two-thirds of the total daily diet must be eaten in the morning;
  • sauces, fast food, sweets, alcohol should be completely excluded from the diet;
  • drink at least 2 liters of clean, plain water per day ;
  • additionally consume multivitamin and vitamin complexes;
  • Snacks should include healthy fats : nuts, seeds, dried fruits.

Nutrition during a diet focused on drying the male body

The menu for the week should include:

  • proteins - two grams per kilogram of body weight. You need to distribute proteins evenly throughout the day;
  • carbohydrates - from two to seven grams per kilogram of body weight (this is with a normal diet), and when eating-drying, you need to reduce carbohydrate intake to a minimum;
  • ​​
  • fats - must be included in the diet without fail 0.5 grams per kilogram of body weight.

The approximate number of kilocalories per day for a cutting diet should be 1700-2500.

Eligible Foods

The entire daily ration should be divided into equal portions. Eligible foods: boiled chicken meat, chicken eggs (only proteins), boiled squid fillet, lean fish, steamed, low-fat dairy products ( cottage cheese, kefir ), green apples, grapefruit, lettuce, zucchini, greens, broccoli, rye pasta, buckwheat or rice porridge on the water, herbal or green tea.

Menu for the day

Below is an example of a basic menu for the day for a man in the 80+ weight category:

8- 00 - one hundred grams of boiled chicken, one hundred grams of buckwheat or rice porridge;

10-00 - four hundred grams of four percent or completely fat-free cottage cheese;

12-00 - three hundred grams of green apples chopped into pieces;

14-00 - one hundred grams of boiled chicken, one hundred grams of buckwheat or rice porridge;

16-00 - four hundred grams of fat-free cottage cheese;

18-00 - one hundred and fifty grams of boiled chicken, three hundred grams of fresh or stewed vegetables;

20-00 - three hundred grams of protein omelette (do not use proteins in the diet);

22-00 - a protein shake or four hundred grams of fat-free cottage cheese;

24-00 - three hundred grams of cottage cheese;

2-00 - sleep.

The menu is provided for a non-training day, since on a training day, sports activities can only be done two hours after eating.

Menu for the week

Diet for cutting the body should last at least one month, as safe cutting is slow and gradual without stress to the body. Below is an example of an approximate menu for a week for weight loss at home. The menu is designed for six meals a day.

Monday: 1 - two hundred and fifty grams of cottage cheese, banana, orange ; 2- two hundred and fifty grams of boiled chicken meat, rice porridge and tomato ; 3 – boiled veal (100 g), five egg whites, boiled potatoes (10 g); 4 - boiled chicken (200 g), boiled rice (60 g), vegetable salad with olive oil ; 5 - boiled veal (100 g), two hundred milliliters of orange juice ; 6- protein shake.

Tuesday-Wednesday: 1 - six egg whites, fat-free cottage cheese (100 g), grapefruit; 2 - boiled fish (150), boiled rice

, white cabbage

; 3 - boiled fish

, one tomato, two lemon slices; 4 - eight egg whites, medium-sized grapefruit, low-fat yogurt

; 5 - steamed fish (150), vegetable salad with olive oil; 6 - protein shake or fruit salad.

Thursday: 1 - protein omelet (three proteins), one glass of herbal or green tea with sugar ; 2 - boiled chicken meat (150), two soft-boiled eggs, boiled rice (120), one apple; 3 - boiled fish

, cauliflower or broccoli (150), orange; 4 - fat-free cottage cheese (200), one medium-sized banana; 5 - a handful of walnuts, a handful of almonds, a handful of pumpkin seeds ; 6 - protein shake.

Friday-Saturday: 1 - oatmeal with skimmed milk and a glass of fresh orange juice; 2 - boiled chicken breast (150), buckwheat porridge boiled in water

, one tomato; 3 - protein shake; 4 - boiled chicken (150) and vegetable salad with lemon juice ; 5 - cottage cheese with a minimum percentage of fat content (400); 6 - pumpkin seeds - a handful.

Sunday: repeat Monday's diet.

A drying diet for men for a month is recommended to be compiled by a trainer or nutritionist, and at the same time, taking into account such contraindications as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system, low or high blood pressure, malfunctions in work of the CNS.

And remember, diet alone will not show decent results, you need to adhere to the complex: the intensity and regularity of training, good rest and proper nutrition.