Food by month

As the weather changes around the world, fresh, available seasonal produce fills the diet. Each season offers a variety of great fresh produce - it's a great opportunity to start experimenting and try new recipes or rework old ones to include more seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal meals will not only surprise you with taste, but will also cheer you up and significantly support your health.

Seasonal meals are borrowed from abroad, and this practice is already actively used by people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle and strive to lose weight. This method of nutrition is also recommended by doctors in the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous and genitourinary systems.

Here are some very good reasons why you should eat seasonally.

Taste. Vegetables and fruits that are fully ripe in a natural way are amazing! Freshly picked products have the optimal taste - crispy, fragrant, juicy and bright. Gorgeous summer tomatoes, autumn pumpkin, winter citrus fruits, spring greens - this is a real vitamin bomb for the body and a joy for taste buds.

Economics. Supply and demand. When there are a lot of products, accordingly, their prices are reduced. Seasonal food is much cheaper due to abundance and availability.

Ecology. Seasonal products can grow without excessive chemical additives, i.e. pesticides that kill insect pests. We know how these toxic compounds can pollute water and soil, as well as our health. Seasonal food is grown naturally, without the use of chemicals and other additives.

Support for seasonal needs. Depending on the time of year, the body needs to be helped to adapt to weather conditions and at the same time maintain it as much as possible with the help of a properly selected diet. Apples grow in autumn and are an ideal transitional food to help the body prepare for a cold winter. In the spring, an abundance of leafy greens helps detoxify the body and shed extra pounds after a long winter. In summer, the body needs to cope with the heat and maintain water balance by adding more juicy fruits, berries, cucumbers, watermelons, etc. to the diet. Building a lifestyle around seasonal food promotes the natural recovery process and body adaptations.

Harmony. Living in harmony with the rhythm of nature makes us more aware and appreciative of the beauty around us. We can live in balance with the world around us, in harmony with nature and with our health.

We have focused on the main foods that are recommended for each month, and described the nutritional and beneficial properties of each of them.


This is an average winter month, the beginning of which is accompanied by New Year and Christmas holidays with serious feasts. It is difficult for the body to cope with heavy foods, because the main blow falls on the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

It is quite cold in January, you want to drink hot drinks, eat something to keep warm and wrap yourself in a blanket. Despite the abundance of festive dishes, you should try to fill the diet with more correct, seasonal healthy products in order to support the immune system (in winter there are outbreaks of colds and viral diseases) and other systems. After the holidays, you want to unload the body, cleanse it of toxins in order to feel light and comfortable.

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February is considered the coldest winter month. February is also the last month of winter, and everyone is already subconsciously preparing for a blooming and smelling spring, only our body is already exhausted and vulnerable. During this period, it is recommended to focus on more satisfying seasonal products. With the right diet, you can make up for the lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Proper nutrition should be combined with frequent walks in the fresh air, good sleep and morning exercises. Some vitamins are difficult to obtain from the usual available seasonal products (for example, vitamin D ), so it is recommended to include special vitamin complexes in the diet. It is important that the vitamin complex, as well as the additional diet, be made by a doctor or nutritionist, since excess vitamin saturation of the body can play a cruel joke on health.

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Spring is the season of the awakening of nature, flowers and greenery. March is the first month of spring, which is associated with love, tenderness, beauty. In March, a large amount of greenery appears, adding to the diet which can prepare the body for warmer weather. It is in March that exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are observed and the immune system is in dire need of an "ambulance".

In order to feel comfortable and not feel health problems, you need to pay attention to the right diet, which will be saturated with useful vitamins, minerals, macro- and microelements. Only proper seasonal nutrition will help get rid of spring depressions, stressful conditions and diseases.

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Everyone associates April with the World Fool's Day, this is the most blooming and green month, when the body is filled with a feeling of love, harmony, joy. In April, the sun is warmer, but these rays are deceptive. For this reason, the number of colds and urological diseases increases in April. To avoid all health troubles, you need to support the immune system. The immune system can be strengthened with proper nutrition. A complex of vitamins, minerals and trace elements will help increase the body's defense reactions and prepare for the long-awaited May holidays.

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The last spring month, at the beginning of which there is an opportunity to relax with barbecue and vegetables. But being in nature, on the earth not yet warm enough by the sun, can cause diseases. May is already replete with a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs, with which you can strengthen the immune system and restore the functioning of all systems and organs. Filling the diet with the right foods will help diversify the diet and prepare the body for the summer season - with ideal health and figure (most seasonal foods are low in calories).

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In June, you need to choose a diet with lighter foods, with fruits such as strawberries, pears, apples and plums, as well as vegetables - these are summer zucchini, broccoli, leeks, shallots, cauliflower. You can also eat herbs and herbs that are popular in June, such as mint, green lettuce, basil, dill, parsley or cilantro. Properly balanced diet, taking into account seasonal products, will help the body to join in the summer weather. Also, the products will help unload and clean it, because you really want to feel light, comfortable and have a great flowering mood.

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In July, weather changes are often observed - sometimes rain, then a sharp heat. It is very difficult for the body to rebuild and there is a loss of strength, depression, because you really want the sun. But just during this period, on the shelves you can find a huge range of healthy, healthy and nutritious products that are available to everyone. In July, you can treat yourself to a variety of berries, vegetables, fruits, herbs.

But, during this period there are frequent outbreaks of intestinal disorders, therefore, you need to pay more attention to hygiene rules and eat food only after thorough washing.

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With the help of a balanced diet in June, it will be easier for the body to cope with the heat, maintain immunity, restore the functioning of the whole body and prepare it for autumn stresses, because in autumn all chronic diseases usually worsen, and a surge in viral infections is observed. Properly balanced nutrition will strengthen the immune system, and the transition to cooler months will be less stressful.

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The first month of autumn periodically pleases with warm days and Indian summer, but I already want to put on a warm cardigan and walk in the parks, enjoying the yellowing leaves. In September, it is recommended to focus on fresh produce, including sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic. When cooking, it is recommended to use “warm” spices and seasonings such as peppercorns, ginger and mustard seeds. September is the time when the body needs to be additionally nourished. It should be remembered that all vitamins and microelements that have accumulated over the summer are quickly excreted from the body, therefore, it is necessary to ensure an uninterrupted supply of them.

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In October, there are frequent bursts of depression and viral diseases. These problems can be solved with the right diet. Saturation of the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements that improve protective functions, in addition, strengthen the work of the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system. In October, you need to gradually prepare the body for frosts and winter colds, especially since the October seasonal products make it tasty and affordable.

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A godsend for the November diet is turnip and pumpkin, which can be baked, stewed and eaten raw. In the process of selecting dishes from healthy products, you need to choose the right cooking technique and take into account how many nutrients the product will lose after heat treatment. It is important to abandon the process of frying in vegetable oil or butter, you need to focus on steaming, stewing, baking and cooking on the grill. And the main part of fruits and vegetables is generally recommended to be consumed raw, seasoned with lemon juice, olive or sunflower oil (in moderation).

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When choosing a December diet, you need to remember that the healthiest and most enjoyable diet is associated with variety. Although sometimes you have to compromise due to convenience and time constraints, try to shop for fresh seasonal produce as often as possible and cook a variety of healthy meals to please yourself and your body.

In December, you need to prepare him for the upcoming holidays, and in no case forget about immunity.

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The site displays a selection of healthy seasonal products for each month, taking into account their characteristics and with the needs of the body at certain times of the year.

In addition to vegetables, fruits and greens, mushrooms, fish, meat, berries, dried fruits, drinks, foreign products are selected for each diet.

For each month there are recommendations that will help keep the body in good shape, and all its systems in a healthy state.