Apparatus Tuning fork is a new generation of devices through which Manigat radio wave therapy is performed. The main purpose of the device is the treatment of chronic and acute diseases of internal organs, stimulation of blood supply to systems and processes of cell and tissue regeneration. This device is approved for use by medical professionals, regardless of their profile of work, and is also suitable for home use.

Principle of operation and therapeutic effect of Tuning Fork

The human body is a complex system with continuous functions. In the body at the cellular level, information is regularly exchanged through electromagnetic waves. Cells are engaged in the generation of electrical and acoustic signals. Nuclear power plants provoke electromagnetic oscillations and trigger the components of the body's biosystem control. Based on the laws of quantum field theory, all physiological and biochemical processes are subject to it, while each cell acts as both a transmitter and a receiver.

A tuning fork creates a special signal, which is similar to an impulse of a completely healthy cell, and is purposefully transmitted by a directed stream.

They affect acupuncture points, receptors and reflex zones of all organs.

The effectiveness of the device is aimed at treating childhood diseases, gynecological diseases, urinary organs, skin, oral cavity and teeth, eyes and their adnexa, musculoskeletal system, respiratory and ENT organs, digestive organs, metabolism, endocrine system, psycho-emotional disorders of the nervous system, cardiovascular system. Among the main effects of the device, it is worth noting:

  • therapeutic;
  • analgesic;
  • firming;
  • restoring, etc.

This device has been in production since 2007 and is actively used in many medical institutions.

The device is more safe and can even be used to treat children. But still, it has certain contraindications, including the presence of built-in implants and stimulants, serious violations of the functioning of the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system, and epilepsy. Therefore, it is recommended to start therapy through the use of the tuning fork apparatus only after consulting a doctor and receiving his recommendations.

Technical characteristics of the device

Among the technical characteristics of the device for physiotherapy, it is worth noting:

  • operating time is about five years;
  • it takes 2,000 hours to complete power generation;
  • has the ability to work continuously for eight hours;
  • start-up time - twenty minutes;
  • mains - 220 V, 50 Hz;
  • emission at maximum brightness - from 11 to 13 seconds;
  • emission at minimum brightness - from 20 to 22 seconds;
  • radiation brightness not less than one hundred cd/m2;
  • visible, infrared, millimeter-wave radiated frequencies.

Indications for use and effects

The device Kamerton is indicated for use when primary prevention is necessary to eliminate various risk factors, for the rehabilitation of patients with a chronic course diseases, for the treatment of diseases of all systems and organs, regardless of their form and localization.

Physiotherapy with a tuning fork device for children

The device is actively used in pediatrics, as it is considered as safe as possible and does not cause any side effects in children. Doctors prescribe the use of the device for the treatment of endocrine pathologies, skin diseases, ENT diseases, as well as to reduce fatigue, improve memory and normalize metabolism. It is worth noting that the tuning fork demonstrates excellent performance in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. It has a stimulating effect on cells, starting its regeneration, therefore, it can be actively used to treat muscles with dislocations and sprains, as well as to restore bones and tissues in case of fractures.

Since the device has no contraindications for use in childhood, it can be used to treat pregnant women and newborns from the first day of their life. As a complex therapy, Tuning Fork is used in the treatment of malignant neoplasms, infectious serious diseases.

The device does not replace drug therapy, but is its auxiliary tool along with complex treatment.


The main components of the health improvement technology using the Tuning Fork are: environmental ecology, physical education, active health improvement, healthy psychology, non-drug correction of the body's condition, screening diagnostics of the body.

Recommendations for using the device

The duration of the procedure is twenty to twenty-five minutes. If the manipulation is carried out in the postoperative period, then in the first three to four days it is performed up to six times a day, and in the next seven to ten days - up to three times a day. After, it is necessary to do the procedure for ten days once a day with a duration of up to five minutes.

If a pain reliever is used, use it every day 2 times a day for 5 minutes for one week. Use is possible not with direct contact with the skin, but through an antiseptic bandage. If you perform the procedure along with special medicines, the recovery process will be many times faster.

More acute diseases are treated more difficult and longer, it is important to choose the right drug complex. It should be noted that when choosing therapy through the use of the tuning fork device, you need to find a reliable clinic with experienced and professional specialists.