Glor Yes

GlorYes is a Russian brand that has become an indispensable tool for new mothers. He creates high-quality, ecological and very nice products.

The company was founded in 2011 by Ulyana and Andrey, young parents. When they had a child, the parents faced such a problem as allergies. Everyone knows that disposable diapers contain chemicals. For this reason, Andrey and Ulyana decided to look for an alternative solution. As it turned out, reusable ecological diapers made of modern fabrics have long been used in the West. Having tried a similar thing on their children, they decided that such diapers could be improved and offered to moms and dads in their country.

For 7 years of productive work, the founders of the company have achieved good results. GlorYes diapers are bought by tens of thousands of young parents in Russia and abroad.

In addition, this brand can already be found more than 10 thousand positive reviews and no one is going to stop there. Large and well-known stores cooperate with this brand: Daughters-Sonochki, Amanat, Votonya and others.

GlorYes assortment

As mentioned earlier, the company produces high-quality and ecological products for babies. It includes not only reusable diapers, but also diapers, panties, mattress covers, sleeping bags. GlorYes also offers laundry detergent without harmful substances in the composition, various children's clothing and toys. In addition, there are products for mothers: reusable sanitary napkins, breast pads, ergo backpacks, slingobuses. The founders of the brand even created special children's panties that allow you to potty train your baby. It is worth noting that they do not stand still, and constantly come up with something new and interesting.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the creative approach. After all, the company's products have bright design and cheerful colors.

Production and quality control

By choosing GlorYes, every mother can be sure that her baby will be healthy and will not develop allergies. In addition, it will significantly save family money and will not harm the environment.

GlorYes products are made using only the best quality fabrics, buttons and tailoring. All products are designed by the brand team in St. Petersburg, and production is located in China. It is worth noting that the products are manufactured at the factory of the GlorYes partner and the quality requirements are extremely high. This is what allows us to compete with other similar companies. The most important advantage in the production of goods of this brand is the absence of chemicals in the composition, and, accordingly, the products are completely safe. In addition, GlorYes products are certified on the territory of the countries of the Customs Union. In the production of diapers, high-quality materials are used: microfleece, microfiber and PUL. Microfleece is a very gentle material and does not cause allergic reactions in the baby. Since it does not absorb moisture into the fibers of the material, it remains dry for a long period. At the same time, it is easily washed and does not dry for a long time.

Microfiber is considered slightly denser than cotton. This material withstands a large number of washes and absorbs a lot of liquid. At the same time, it does not deform and dries quickly.

PUL is a soft knit that is breathable and moisture-wicking.

The important thing is that this jersey does not deform, does not shed and remains as bright as when purchased.

Natural fabrics avoid the interaction of the baby's skin with fragrances, dioxins and other chemicals that cause many problems. It is important to note that bamboo diapers, on the contrary, are ways to take care of the baby's skin: it helps to heal wounds and eliminate redness and irritation.

Where to buy products


You can buy GlorYes brand products at ZDRAVZONA pharmacy. There you can find reusable diapers, diapers, as well as many hygiene products for moms. Bright and fashionable pictures on the goods will not leave parents or kids indifferent. [thirty].