A lot of people like the light taste of a croquette in a summery way. Do you know how this unusual alcoholic drink appeared? True, in addition to the classic alcohol options, there are crocks and, so to speak, light versions. But first things first.

"Bitch! Oh Kryushon!

There are two versions of who and when invented the recipe for this drink. But before talking about them, perhaps it is better to recall what this product is.

The name “crown”, as many have already guessed, has French roots and is translated as “jug”. This is a popular flight cocktail that combines wine, champagne, liquor, fruit juices, syrups, berries and fruits in certain quantities. However, the classic crucson recipe and its variations can differ significantly in the list of ingredients. But more on that later. In the meantime, back to the history of the origin of this drink.

The first version is incredibly banal. And, I must say, it is quite realistic. However, now it will be difficult for anyone to confirm or deny with complete certainty whether this could actually happen. But some suggest that the first kryuchon was prepared by the servants of the French nobles. And I must say, according to this version, the servants did this not at all for their masters, and even more so not for a festive feast. On the contrary, the servants “cooked” something like a kryushon after the holiday. When, having walked a lot, the nobles left the banquet hall, servants appeared in it. They poured everything they had not drunk into one large vessel. Soon the fame of the resulting drink reached the nobles. And then the world started talking about a delicious cocktail of the most exquisite wines.

The second version of the "birth" of the bag is more elegant. Legend has it that this drink appeared nowhere but in Versailles itself, and was invented by the famous wine collector in the 18th century, de Cruchon. On that day, something like modern wine festivals took place at the court. But everywhere there was such heat that no one even touched alcoholic beverages. And then Kruchon took the largest bowl and mixed chilled light wines, fruits, a handful of bright berries, some ice juice, and added champagne for playfulness. It was hard for the courtiers to resist and not try such an amazing drink. And it turned out that the contents of the large bowl are not just delicious, but divine."Kryushon! Oh Kryushon! - only it was heard from the surprised guests. Since then, the era of mixing chilled wines and juices began, and they decided to call the drink after its smart creator.

Over time, the drink recipe has changed a bit. And today it is prepared not only from wines and juices, but also with the addition of various spices, carbonated water and some other ingredients.

How to Cook and Serve Properly

First of all, the right bowl starts with the right dish for it. There are special kits for this drink. They consist of a transparent glass bowl, glasses or goblets, to which a pouring spoon is attached. By the way, if there were no crock pots among the household dishes, this is not a reason to deny yourself a treat. The role of the "bowl" for the flask can be played by an ordinary peel of a watermelon. And it looks very original.

The fruit and berry composition in the bowl is by no means a random collection of fruits. It is difficult to get a delicious cocktail if you indiscriminately add all the fruits that are at hand. The fruit composition should be composed in such a way that the ingredients harmonize with each other, emphasize, and not interrupt each other's taste. Combinations of strawberries and melons, apples and pears are considered the best, and duets of watermelon and cherries also give excellent taste or peach with oranges. Peaches pair well with cherries and strawberries, and grapes can also be added to oranges. Canned berries and fruits can be added to the winter version of the kryuchon.

According to the rules, melon and watermelon must be added to the bowl in the form of small balls. You can create such a shape from the pulp of the fruit using a special spoon-noisette. Small berries get into the drink in a holistic form. Suppressed, cut, crumpled are not good.

Soft spirits are preferred for cocktails. As a rule, they use white or red table wine, liquor. Some add cognac. But large portions of strong alcohol are not suitable for a punch. If you add cognac, then no more than 50-80 ml per 3 liters of the total volume of the drink. So, at least, connoisseurs of this drink advise. And all the alcohol in the classic recipe should be a third or less of the total amount of the drink. Although this is not an inviolable rule. How many connoisseurs of kryuchon - so many drink recipes. You can “bring down” the fortress with the help of juices, syrups and sparkling water. Sugar or powdered sugar is optional. Sweeteners are added if the finished drink is sour.

It is not customary to serve the croquette immediately after preparation. This cocktail, like the wines and cognacs present in it, also loves aging. But of course, the crucible will need much less time - at least 2 hours. And it will be good if the cocktail spends this time in the refrigerator. The ideal temperature for the product is 8-10 degrees Celsius. And only now, just before serving, it's time for champagne - sparkling wine is added last.

It is customary to drink the finished drink through a straw, from special glasses, in which, in addition to the liquid, fruits and berries are added. They play the role of a "garnish" for a drink. In addition to fruits from a cocktail, nuts, cheeses, chocolate, cookies will go well “under the hood”.

Useful properties

Useful properties of the bell are directly dependent on the ingredients added to the drink. Red wines will make their contribution in the form of rich reserves of tannins. The melon added to the cocktail is a guarantee that the drink contains B vitamins, A, ascorbic acid, iron, potassium, sodium, calcium. A watermelon jug is a source of useful ascorbic acid and vitamin A. A drink with peaches is rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium. By the way, this version of the bell is considered useful for increasing hemoglobin. If a cocktail with peaches is prepared without alcohol (instead of alcohol, take carbonated water and juice), then pregnant women can drink it to eliminate signs of toxicosis.

A bag with cherries is rich in copper, phosphorus, iron, calcium and many vitamins. An equally healthy drink with strawberries, which fills it with plenty of vitamin C and magnesium. Grapes provide the drink with potassium, zinc, B vitamins and many other useful elements, and apples provide a huge amount of iron and vitamin A.

That is, given the properties of fruits and berries, you can create the most useful version of the punch, but while enjoying a drink, you should not forget about possible side effects.

Potential Hazards

The most common hazard of the bag, regardless of its ingredients, is throat disease. At first glance, this side effect may seem strange. But in practice this is often the case. Kruchon is a refreshing summer drink. As a general rule, the hotter it is outside, the more chilled drinks become. And very sharp temperature changes and very strongly chilled drinks (especially carbonated ones) in the summer heat are almost always problems with the throat.

In addition, it is important to remember that a pitcher is an alcoholic drink (non-alcoholic versions are a rare exception). And to abuse alcohol, even so tasty, is not worth it. The alcoholic version of the cocktail is prohibited for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, as well as persons with impaired functioning of the nervous system.

How to make a classic crunchy recipe

For a classic crunchy recipe, you need a bottle of champagne and 500 ml of dry white wine. And also a pound of strawberries, 200 g of cherries, 2 peaches, 2 tablespoons of sugar and ice. Fans of stronger drinks can add rum, cognac or vodka, but not more than 100 g.

Pour strawberries with sugar and leave for a while to release the juice. Meanwhile, pit the cherries and cut the peaches into small pieces. Place all the fruits in a container for a crock, pour wine and cognac (rum, vodka). Send to the refrigerator for 2 hours. Before serving, add champagne and ice. This will make 15 servings of the drink.

A bowl in a watermelon

A cocktail served on the table not in a traditional bowl, but in a watermelon "bowl" can become the "highlight" of any holiday.

For such a cocktail, you will need 100 ml of cognac and orange liqueur, 750 ml of white and sparkling wine, one large watermelon and one peach, two apples, 350 g of grapes and 5 tablespoons of sugar.

A delicacy is prepared in this way. Cut the top off the watermelon and scoop out the pulp. Pour the fruit, cut into slices, with sugar, and in the meantime, peel the pulp of the watermelon from the seeds and also cut into pieces. Put all the fruits in a watermelon "bowl", add wine and cognac. Leave in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Before serving, add champagne and stir.

Non-Alcoholic Recipes

As already mentioned, even though the classic punch is an alcoholic drink, but who said that you can’t make a punch without alcohol. Such options are suitable for children, pregnant women and in general anyone who does not want or cannot drink alcohol. By the way, these options taste just as good as the classics.

Recipe 1

Combine 200 g of fruit (fresh or canned), 1 liter of apple juice and 1 liter of sweet soda (eg Fanta).

Recipe 2

Mix half a liter of compote with berries, 300 ml of cherry or currant juice, 300 ml of mineral water. Serve chilled in perch glasses.

recipe 3

the same amount of sugar. The liquid part consists of 1 liter of strong black tea and 1 liter of carbonated unsweetened water.

Recipe 4

This pure peach punch is made with 4-6 peaches, 30 g sugar, 1 liter mineral water and 600 ml peach juice. Cook according to the classical technology, infusing the cocktail for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Now you know that a bowl is not just a delicious summer drink, but a real storehouse of useful elements. But at the same time, one should not forget that the bell is primarily an alcoholic product, and jokes are bad with alcohol. And you should remember this when pouring yourself a second or third portion of the drink.