Magnesium carbonate (E504)

Magnesium carbonate belongs to the emulsifier camp. It is marked on the labels with the marking E504. Its main duty is to have a positive impact on the shelf life of the finished food product.

Despite the fact that there are quite a few different components with an identical spectrum of action, not all of them can boast at least relative safety in relation to the body of the eater. The emulsifier shown is a permitted ingredient that has been verified by the relevant authorities for latent threats to consumers.

Chemical properties

Usually, the formula means nothing to ordinary people, as well as its physical characteristics, which are a powdery consistency. Instead, people are interested in whether this element is harmful to health with its constant use. But if the dietary supplement is still approved for use in its native country, then this indicates the absence of serious suspicions on the part of doctors regarding its alleged harm.

Magnesium carbonate does not have any specific aromas or aftertaste, so you can only recognize its presence in food by reading the ingredients on the product packaging.

In addition to helping to prolong the shelf life of the ready-to-sell product, E504's reactions make it possible to ensure that the consistency desired by the manufacturer is fixed. This is explained by the fact that the emulsifier acts as such a binding agent.

Its main task is the ability to combine those components that, while maintaining natural conditions, could not be mixed. And if nevertheless it succeeded, then it would not be possible to call the resulting mixture a homogeneous mass, even with a strong desire.

Manufacturers resort to the help of such a substance when necessary to bind together fats and water, as well as oil and water. In nature, this cannot be achieved. After the food industry took a long step forward in this matter, the ability to connect the unconnectable interested representatives of the pharmacological sphere.

Despite the fact that carbonate is obtained for mass use in laboratory conditions with the involvement of synthetic materials, it will also be possible to meet it in wildlife. We are talking about an organically active substance that can be detected when studying the characteristics of magnesite.

But in order to get more output and save time, the experts took a shortcut. To obtain an emulsifier in sufficient quantity, it is required to carry out the procedure of precipitation of soda ash with the involvement of a solution of magnesium sulfates.

Where to look for a supplement?

Most often, the mention of E504 is found on the packaging of confectionery. These can be:

  • chocolates;
  • desserts with cocoa ;
  • jam;
  • jam and marmalade;
  • confiture;
  • canned fruit and prepared compote ;
  • cream and cheeses;
  • other sweets.

Since the dietary supplement is on the list of officially approved foods, some believe that it is possible to consume products with its inclusion in unlimited quantities. In practice, doctors advise adhering to the daily dosage. It is usually calculated based on the consumer's chronic health conditions, age, and weight.

If you cross the line, you can seriously harm not only the cardiovascular system, but also get a negative response from the nervous system.