Morse, which our grandmothers carefully prepared for us, today has become an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cleanser. Here it is - a drink that can really solve health problems, lack of motivation and loss of energy.

The classical scheme of an equal amount of berries and sugar for fruit drinks has been improved. Nutritionists are ringing the bells and forbidding their patients to even think about white sugar, offering a worthy alternative. Sugar is replaced with honey, agave syrup, stevia, fit parade, or regular fruits with higher fructose.

What is fruit drink: a health drink or an accumulation of empty calories?

General characteristics

Morse is a drink made from fruit/vegetable/berry juice, sweetener and water. Most often, fruit drinks are prepared without the addition of alcohol, served warm or chilled. For piquancy and variety, spices, herbs and other flavor enhancers are added to it. You can enjoy fruit drinks both in the institution and at home for a family dinner. Each chain supermarket sells whole sets for preparing fruit drinks. But it is better to purchase fresh components separately.

Many manufacturers sell fruit drinks in cardboard packages as juice. Nutritionists do not advise buying ready-made drinks for several reasons. One of them is the loss of useful properties of each of the components of the composition. The second is the use of chemical fragrances, harmful cheap sugar to reduce the cost of the final product. Ready-made fruit drinks are nothing more than empty carbohydrates, which lead to disruption of metabolic processes, deterioration of skin quality and a decline in vitality.

Brief historical background

The first mention of Mors dates back to the time of Byzantium. The drink was called "mursa", which translates as "water with honey." The first drink really consisted of water and honey. The drink was used as a healing and tonic medicine. With the development of cooking, mors has come a long way of development. The water was enriched with fruits, medicinal decoctions, herbs and vegetables in order to obtain not only a new taste, but also a real herbal medicine. Primarily berry or vegetable juice was not squeezed, but simply used puree. Not a single major Byzantine feast was complete without fruit drink. It was used as an aperitif. The drink irritated the walls of the esophagus and stimulated appetite, increased salivation and prepared the gastrointestinal tract for food.

Mors later became famous after the release of Domostroy. This is one of the central monuments of Russian literature of the 16th century. "Domostroy" is a set of rules "for a husband, and a wife, and children, and servants, and maids." It contains tips, rules and guidelines for each of the areas of life of the key figures of the then Russian society. "Domostroy" regulated public, intra-family, economic and religious sectors, instructing and teaching the population.

One of the chapters describes the method of making fruit drink from wild berries. The authors of "Domostroy" point to its medicinal and healing effect. The drink is recommended to be prepared for illness, loss of vitality, or simply as a vitamin supplement to the daily menu.

Useful properties

The benefits of fruit drink vary depending on the component composition. The difference between a berry and, for example, a vegetable drink will be colossal. Therefore, decide on the "problem" organs that need additional protection and freely combine the components of the drink.

Fruit drinks, regardless of the composition, are served warm or cold, they act as an excellent prevention of the body from colds / infectious diseases. If tea with lemon and ginger becomes boring, and the need to protect yourself from diseases increases, then give preference to natural fruit drink.

The best choice in the cold season is a drink made from medicinal herbs. Most often, elderberry, nettle and plantain are added to fruit drinks. The three-component composition stimulates the protective function of the immune system, cleanses the body and creates a specific barrier that retains pathogenic microflora.

In winter, when most vitamin fruits disappear from store shelves, it is recommended to drink berry juice. In addition to the vitamin composition, the drink will saturate the body with useful nutrients, pectin and organic acids. The body, which was previously half asleep, will receive a tremendous boost of energy and vigor. Take care of your health in advance: send a few containers of berries and fruits to the freezer to wait for real cold weather. If you didn’t have time to make preparations or ate them before the onset of winter, then look for recovery in institutions.

The most useful ingredients for fruit drink: raspberries, cranberries, lingonberries, black currants, blueberries. In addition to the obvious medicinal properties, it is these berries that give a pronounced taste and aroma.

The rich taste of berries does not need sweeteners or flavors, which will not only have a beneficial effect on taste buds, but also on health.

Medicinal drinks instantly tone the body, add energy and help fight diseases. Lingonberry juice stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, "unloads" the digestive tract and increases appetite. Cranberry drink is good for elevated body temperature, pathologies of the respiratory tract, genitourinary and cardiovascular systems. Cranberries are also shown to pregnant and lactating women as a useful antioxidant.

Blackberry and blueberry fruit drinks bring harmony to the body. They improve vision, nourish and moisturize the retina, make it easier to focus and concentrate even on small details. A drink made from black forest berries calms the nervous system, prevents the risk of depression and restores normal blood pressure.

Morse can be introduced into the diet of those who are losing weight and those who adhere to a healthy diet. The classic scheme "200 grams of berries and 150 grams of sugar" will have to be abandoned. Sugar is empty carbohydrates that will not bring benefits and saturation to the body, but will only settle with extra pounds at the waist. Cook "clean" fruit drink and taste the original flavor palette of berries. If there is not enough sweetness, then replace sugar with stevia sweetener, honey, agave syrup.

Cooking vegetable juice is also not difficult. Imagine that you are cooking soup, add your favorite spices and herbs to the container. Add botanicals like ginger or chili peppers so that all the ingredients provide benefits, health and satiety, not empty calories.

Secrets of making a drink

  1. Juice instead of water. Replace regular water with freshly squeezed juice from any fruit or vegetable. The taste will turn out brighter, richer and more heterogeneous.
  2. Juice percentage. The higher the percentage of juice to berries, the tastier the drink will be. The minimum juice threshold is 30%. Be consistent, focus on the consistency and taste of the drink. An excessive amount, for example, of sour lingonberry juice, can spoil the balance of tastes and, accordingly, the fruit drink itself.
  3. Use the pulp. It is in the pulp that the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients is concentrated. Removing the pulp marks the loss of exactly half of the chemical composition. In addition, the pulp helps the drink to thicken well and create a pleasant soft texture.
  4. Add sweeteners. If the cooked fruit drink seems too bland or neutral, then simply add an additional sweetener to the already prepared dish. The main thing is to add honey / pekmez / jam / stevia to chilled or slightly warm, not hot juice.
  5. Prepare the berries properly. Fresh berries, fruits or vegetables are best. If there is no way to get fresh food, use frozen. They do not need additional defrosting before use. Just grind the fruits in a blender and prepare a drink. Taste, texture and beneficial properties will not suffer from this.
  6. Experiment with spices, adding lemon juice, orange zest, cinnamon or mint leaves. Even onion and garlic can be added to vegetable fruit drinks. Periodically try the drink, supplement it and experiment with new flavor palettes.
  7. Monitor the quality of the ingredients. Vegetables and fruits from which fruit drinks are prepared must be absolutely fresh. Even one rotten berry will spoil the taste of the whole drink, giving it an unpleasant sour-putrefactive aftertaste. Carefully select the ingredients, rinse under running cool water and add to fruit drink.
  8. Choose the right dishes. Use pans only from those materials that do not undergo oxidation, otherwise not only the taste of fruit drink will deteriorate, but also the container in which it was cooked.

Currant drink with mint recipe

Nutritional value (based on 1 serving of drink)
Calories 518 kcal
Proteins 2.6 g
Fats 0.8 g
Carbs 121g

We will need:

  • fresh mint leaves - 5 pcs;
  • filtered water or berry-based juice - 10 tablespoons;
  • sugar/vegetable sweetener - 4 teaspoons;
  • currant - 300 g;
  • lemon juice - 3 tablespoons;
  • ice - 6 cubes.


Grind the berries in a blender, strain the juice or use the mass with the pulp. Dissolve the water/juice, sweetener, mint leaves in a saucepan and crush thoroughly with a fork. Remove mint pomace that cannot be completely crushed (otherwise the drink will be bitter). In the same saucepan, add ice cubes, pour in the chopped currants and lemon juice. Mix ingredients thoroughly and serve immediately.

Cranberry juice recipe

Nutritional value (per 1 drink)
Calories 239 kcal
Proteins ) 1 g
Fats 0.4 g
Carbohydrates 58.6g

We will need:

  • sugar - 150 g (can be replaced with any other sweetener);
  • frozen cranberries - 300 g;
  • orange fresh - 300 ml;
  • cloves - 4 pcs;
  • cinnamon - 1 stick.


Rinse cranberries in cold water to thaw slightly. Pour the cranberries into a blender, grind to a watery puree. If you want juice with pulp, then use pureed cranberries. If you do not want to feel the particles of the fruit, then squeeze the berry mass with gauze or a sieve.

Place the cranberries in a pot of the required size, pour in the ingredients from the list and put on a slow fire. The first 5 minutes of cooking, constantly stir the contents of the pan until the mass "takes" and becomes more dense. After 5 minutes, the berries will absorb the taste of spices and orange juice, and the consistency of the fruit drink will again become liquid. Constantly try the drink and adjust the taste until you get the perfect combination. As soon as the sweetener or sugar is completely dissolved, turn off the fruit drink, let it cool / infuse a little and serve.

Contraindications for use

Morse has no absolute contraindications. Individual intolerance to one or more ingredients of fruit drink is possible, but they can be easily excluded from the drink and replaced with others. Carefully consider the component composition: the products must be fresh and of high quality.

Responsibly treat the supplementation of babies with fruit drinks. Until 6 months of age, it is forbidden to introduce a drink into the diet. It contains a huge amount of allergens and too heavy substances for the child's body. After 6 months, start introducing a "clean" drink (only based on berries / fruits / vegetables, no sugar used!), Starting with 2-3 tablespoons per day, gradually increasing the dosage.

Side effects from uncontrolled consumption of fruit drinks: skin rashes, stool disorders, malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Keep track of the amount of juice consumed. Drinks with a lot of sugar (both harmful white and natural fructose) are best drunk in the morning. 1-2 glasses of a warm drink will be enough to fill the body with energy and at the same time not provoke sharp jumps in blood glucose.