Moscow cheese

Moskovsky cheese is still considered one of the most favorite among consumers from the Russian Federation. Moreover, most buyers believe that since the name is tied to a geographical area, this means that it is manufactured in the capital region. But in reality, the area where the production facilities are located does not always correspond to the name.

Classification details

Despite the fact that the Karat factory, which is considered one of the most important suppliers of such goodies to Russian-speaking customers, offers many varieties of cheese, its Moscow variant belongs to the category of hard varieties.

The mass is made in the form of cylindrical heads. The weight will vary depending on the characteristics of a particular workshop and is usually a radius of 5 to 8 kilograms.

A characteristic feature of this variety is the presence of a special paraffin film. She received a bright yellow performance. But inside the contents have a much paler yellow tint. The consistency is a fairly dense mass, which is not devoid of elasticity. Because of this, it is easy to cut, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of satisfied consumers.

When cut, large eyes are clearly visible, which varieties of fused analogues cannot boast of. Of the distinctive taste characteristics, acceptable sharpness and nutty notes should be distinguished. Also, gourmets will appreciate the spicy smell.

Cow's milk is taken as the basis for production. Moreover, this is not raw milk, but a liquid that has undergone a preliminary pasteurization procedure.

After that, it is mixed together with special fermented milk cultures to ensure rapid curdling. In this case, the fat content should be no more than 50% of the total.

Useful Warning

Despite the fact that some snack manufacturers claim that their crackers have cheese dressing, they actually use flavoring.

So, if the packaging for snacks says that there is farm cheese, you should definitely check the composition.

The same rule applies if some other product will have a sticker stating that it contains Moscow cheese, even if it is not chips and salad or pizza. It is better to clarify this with the seller of the culinary department, or in the list of ingredients.