"On a Diet" - Susan Sussman

The problem of excess weight and physical defects, in particular, the imperfection of the figure, worries humanity from year to year, and most of all it is the female sex. The fair sex is sensitive to their appearance, and changes for the worse sometimes entail rejection and disappointment. Susan Sussman's book, On a Diet, captures in a subtle and hilarious way the transformations that happen to a person over a period of time. For example, one woman is taken, and her character is going through a real "revolution" throughout the novel. Readers note that, despite the volume, the work literally allows you to “swallow” yourself in a matter of days. The book is read smoothly and naturally, as the author's language is distinguished by simplicity of style and proximity to real life situations. At many points, the reader will notice his own character traits in behavior, which allows us to draw useful conclusions.

Book review

Based on reviews For people who are already familiar with the book, the following point can be highlighted - this is a popular reading, and for the most part, readers are ready to give it all ten out of ten. What is the success of this novel about women, food and love? Susan Sussman tells about Barbara Avers, who is quite happy, she has a family - a loving husband and two children. The figure of the main character is in perfect order, and Barbara's career is in the same position. From the first paragraphs of On a Diet, the reader is faced with the question: "Is the heroine really happy, or is it all self-deception?"

Barbara's best friend dies and Barbara decides to quit smoking in her memory. The fight against a bad habit leads a woman to unforeseen difficulties, and her life is rapidly heading downhill. At the same time, Barbara's weight is gradually increasing. It is especially convenient to observe with an increase in the number of kilograms, just by looking at the titles of the chapters. They indicate the intermediate weight for a specific period. For reference - initially the heroine weighed only 48 kilograms, and at the end of the story the arrow of the scales reached 86 kilograms.


Slenderness and joy - this is what all women want, and most of all, excess weight and unhappiness cause disgust. The worst thing is when a woman turns from a happy thin woman into a fat and unhappy person. This is what happened to Barbara Awers from Susan Sussman's novel Dieting. The woman was forced to go through a circle of hell, which Alighieri did not mention in his Comedy, namely, through a diet. So, after giving up nicotine, Barbara gains weight, having endured torment, and notices that she has become exactly what she used to consider a second-class person, she has put on weight.

Despite the fact that Barbara's nicotine addiction is behind her, her life is not getting easier, but rather getting worse. Close people, instead of supporting a woman on a diet, show only composure and ignore the heroine. The next blow is the betrayal of her beloved husband and the circumstances that practically destroyed family well-being. Susan Sussman shows that the main problem was not Barbara's extra weight, but rose-colored glasses. A woman for many years tried to deceive herself, not noticing the main shortcomings.

The book "On a Diet" by Susan Sussman will once again prove to you that achieving harmony of mental balance and harmony of the body is not an easy process, but the main thing lies in the following: the problem itself cannot in any way arise from -for figures and extra pounds. All troubles and misfortunes come from the person himself and sit deep in his head. Only the realization of the true cause (and not the search for justification in appearance) will allow you to find peace and well-being.

The heroine of the book was able to cope with addiction to nicotine, survive betrayal, endure torment during a diet and start life anew, forgetting about the fragments of broken imaginary happiness. After reading "On a Diet", you will feel spiritual cheerfulness, as the book describes, with elements of irony, how a diet can harmonize the mental and physical state.


The book is popular mainly among women, because it is they who pay more attention to their figure and the problem of excess weight, it is more difficult to experience unforeseen twists of fate and betrayal. The writer very ironically demonstrates to the reader the experiences of the main character Barbara Avers. Indeed, from 48 to gain as much as 86 kilograms is at least unpleasant.

At the same time, it is interesting for the reader to observe Barbara's behavior, when physical processes occur synchronously with psychological ones, and most importantly, one generates or contributes to another. In addition to the typical problems associated with diets, for example, restriction in food intake or disappointment due to another breakdown, the author manages to introduce the topic of the so-called psychological gluttony. In other words, this is the “jamming” of problems as a result of the unwillingness to change and act. For many, it is not a secret that women's life is not without problems, and it is not at all worth talking about their number.

Reviews often draw parallels with real life situations, where there is a betrayal of loved ones, communication with children and a spouse, the search for one's own destiny in life, friends and love. The book "On a Diet", perhaps, should be attributed to the easy category. This novel by Susan Sussman helps not only to streamline your views on the surrounding reality, but also to enjoy reading.

Even once will be enough to catch the main idea, which is presented through the author's ironic prism.

Many readers note that they were first attracted by the title and bright cover, but later it becomes clear: despite the simplicity of writing and humorous mood, the situations presented by the writer are not fiction or a joke, they are all real life problems. The ease of reading the novel can be explained as follows: due to the fact that the dialogues make up the bulk of the text, the reader involuntarily becomes a witness to the conversations of the characters, while also observing Barbara's thoughts and her experiences.

As for the plot, it may seem illogical to some, they say, the line of the main character becomes crumpled at the end of the work, and the relationship with her lover is practically not described. At the same time, other readers notice that Max is the most intriguing character in the novel. Be that as it may, everyone insists on the same thing - the narrative is presented beautifully and easily, the plot does not allow attention to be diverted, and the characters are interesting.

The advantage of Susan Sussman's book "On a diet" is still in simplicity, because it is easier for people to read what is closer to them - the situations are quite real, and the characters behave naturally, no fantasy, but the author represents everything that happens in witty and ironic style.

How many people, so many opinions, and it's not a secret. For some, this is a "novel at a time", someone, on the contrary, is ready to parse it into quotes and memorize phrases and sentences. To one, the novel will seem funny and funny, at the same time, by the epilogue, the other will no longer see even the slightest hint of humor in the text. This is where the beauty lies, but regardless of the nature of perception, the reader comes to one main idea, Susan Sussman manages to convey the truth, because she allows you to compare her actions in such situations with the behavior of the heroine.

We recommend reading the novel "On a Diet", in many reviews readers write about the motivating effect that allows you to deal with your own problems, watching the life of a woman in the fight against restrictions. This book is a way to overcome difficulties and move on, building a new life, forgetting about the misfortunes that may have taken place in the past. Enjoy reading!