Para-hydroxybenzoic acid heptyl ester (E209)

Food additive E209, which is also called p-hydroxybenzoic acid heptyl ester, is a preservative that has the appearance of a white crystalline powder. The smell of the additive is quite subtle, and often absent at all, the taste is burning.

It is worth noting that the use of E209 is prohibited in most countries, as this additive is dangerous. In Russia, this preservative was banned from use back in 2008, and in America the additive is used in the production of food products. The additive is especially popular in brewing. It is used to stabilize beer. In addition to the food industry, the product has received some use in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

How to produce

This preservative is created artificially: salicylic acid begins to secrete during a certain chemical reaction acid E209 (heptyl ester). To obtain heptyl ether, a pressure reaction is also carried out using sodium phenolate. This substance is carboxylated with carbon dioxide.

The heptyl ester is separated from the salicylic acid, followed by treatment with n-heptanol. As a result, a white powder is obtained. It should be noted that if this substance enters the mucous membranes or skin, it can cause redness and urticaria.

When an additive is added to food, the finished dish acquires a pronounced spicy taste. Like most preservatives, E209 is used to extend the shelf life of the finished food product and prevent or stop the development of various bacteria, yeasts and molds.

Effects on the body

Ether may cause intolerance reactions, allergies, and choking if consumed with food or in contact with the skin. Asthma, urticaria and anaphylactic shock are also possible. E209 may cause contact dermatitis and irritation if it gets into the eyes. When ingested, a person may experience a burning sensation. Revealed and the fact that the use of this supplement is possible cardiac arrest.

At the same time, doctors and researchers who have studied the effect of E209 supplements on human health and the human body assure that a daily dose of heptyl ether will not be able to cause any harm to a healthy adult. Daily intake - 10 mg per 1 kilogram of body weight. This substance is excreted by the kidneys unchanged.

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find a product that does not contain nutritional supplements. Quite often on the shelves you can find products that contain substances hazardous to health. This direction is not yet sufficiently regulated by law, therefore, in order to protect yourself from possible diseases and consequences, it is important to carefully study the label on the product packaging before buying.