Plasmolifting of the neck

A woman's age can be judged by looking at the skin of her face and neck. The older the woman, the more visible wrinkles and various pigments on the skin. The epidermis of the neck is very delicate and thin, therefore, it is primarily subjected to aging. Also in the neck area there is a minimum amount of sebaceous glands, which contribute to the natural hydration of the skin.

Another reason for the aging of the skin of the neck is that people do not take care of this area as often as the face, so it gives out the true age of a person. Fortunately, in modern cosmetology there are a lot of ways to help safely and effectively rejuvenate and eliminate defects on the skin of the neck. One of the effective ways to combat wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin is plasmolifting of the neck.

Peculiarities of plasmolifting in the neck

An effective type of mesotherapy is plasmolifting, which involves subcutaneous or intradermal administration of blood plasma previously taken from the patient. The blood purified from erythrocytes contains a large number of platelets and cell growth factors, which contributes to the rapid regeneration of the epithelium.

The procedure is completely safe, since blood is used without the addition of foreign components, so there is no risk of side effects or negative immune reactions.

Also, the safety of manipulation is achieved due to the fact that own plasma does not have allergenic and immunogenic properties. Biologically active substances, which are part of platelets, stimulate the processes of restoration of the skin and have the effect of rejuvenation.

Plasma contains many biologically active components, including vascular endothelial growth factors, transforming factor, epidermal and platelet growth factors.

These substances are responsible for stimulating cell proliferation, help form connective tissue elements, are responsible for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, and favorably affect the growth and functioning of blood vessels. Thanks to plasmolifting, not only the cellular composition of the epithelium is updated, but also its blood supply is significantly improved.

On the indications and contraindications of the cosmetic procedure

The indications for neck plasmolifting include:

  • excessive dryness skin and its peeling;
  • pathological changes in the neck;
  • skin atrophy;
  • decreased tone and sagging of the epidermis;
  • unhealthy shade;
  • shallow and deep wrinkles resulting from age-related changes.

Explicit contraindications include: the age category of patients (under 25 years), the period of childbearing, chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases; insufficient blood clotting; diabetes; chronic diseases of the skin in the period of exacerbation. During breastfeeding, it is also not recommended to carry out manipulation.

With pronounced age-related changes, for example, tissue ptosis, the procedure will not bring a special effect. In this case, a complex of more radical techniques is shown, which are carried out under the strict supervision of an experienced cosmetologist.

Preparing and performing neck plasmolifting

It is necessary to prepare for the procedure 3-4 days before it. Doctors recommend stopping the use of drugs that affect blood clotting. It is necessary to adhere to the correct diet: give up sweet, fried, spicy and fatty foods, do not abuse carbonated drinks.

It is undesirable to take alcoholic beverages and smoke cigarettes before manipulation. You need to come to the plasmolifting of the neck after a good night's sleep. If the patient has a deterioration in well-being, the specialist should be informed about this. 5-6 hours before the manipulation, you should not eat and drink water in large quantities.

Plasmolifting of the neck:

  • the patient is given an allergy test, if the results are in order, it is possible to carry out a cosmetic procedure without risk and harm to human health (analysis is necessary if some drugs are additionally administered during the procedure);
  • an anesthetic cream or ointment is applied to the skin, allowing you not to feel obvious pain during plasmolifting (an allergy test is sometimes done for this drug);
  • a specialist takes blood from a patient for further processing and obtaining plasma purified from erythrocytes (the blood is centrifuged and divided into separate fractions);
  • the cosmetologist collects the resulting plasma into a sterile syringe and injects it intradermally or subcutaneously into certain areas of the neck (0.5 milliliters of plasma is taken per 2 cubic centimeters of the epidermis).

After the manipulation, the patient can go home. The specialist recommends refraining from visiting baths, saunas, swimming pools, solariums and sunbathing for 5-7 days after the procedure. It is undesirable that during the week ultraviolet rays and water fall on the skin of the neck.

Hematomas may occur after a neck plasma lift, but this is considered normal. Hematomas and other manifestations on the skin will disappear in 3-4 days after the manipulation. Redness and swelling of the skin may also be observed, but this is not scary, these manifestations will cease to disturb the patient in a few days. If the epidermis is very sore, you can contact a beautician and he will prescribe painkillers.

The effectiveness of plasmolifting will be noticeable 5-7 days after the session, the maximum effect can be observed after two weeks. The number of sessions depends on the individual characteristics of the human body. In some patients, the rejuvenation process begins after the first visit to the doctor.


To achieve the desired results, 3 to 6 manipulations are needed with a break of 2 weeks to 2-3 months. Then you need to go for neck plasmolifting 2 times a year, so that a positive result remains for a long period of time.

Possible side effects and complications

Experts report that after plasmolifting in the neck, complications are most often not observed. However, we must not forget that thrombotic concentrate at the stage of "cooking" can be infected, resulting in a risk of adverse reactions and complications. Infection of blood plasma occurs if the cosmetologist neglects the technique of using consumables in the laboratory.

When performing neck plasmolifting by a highly qualified specialist, the patient can be calm, because modern clinics adhere to the technologies and stages of laboratory procedures.

Blood is taken exclusively by special disposable vacuum systems that guarantee not only the maximum preservation of platelets during blood purification, but also the epidemiological safety of the patient, first of all, and the medical staff second.

Advantages and disadvantages of neck plasmolifting

Advantages of the technique: a short rehabilitation period (after manipulation, a person returns to his usual life and after a maximum of one and a half to two weeks he can visit baths, saunas, swimming pools and other public places); high safety of the technique (own plasma is used, so there is no possibility of transmission of various infectious and viral diseases); foreign synthetic medicines are not introduced (due to this factor, the patient's risk of allergies is minimized).

Other advantages of plasmolifting include its high efficiency and availability (there are many clinics where the procedure is carried out qualitatively and without health risks).

Cons of the technique: high cost of manipulation (not every person can afford to attend 4-5 sessions in a short period of time), pain during the procedure (some people complain of pain in the neck and discomfort), the occurrence of hematomas, swelling, redness on the skin (although these manifestations are not long-term, they are very unpleasant and I would like to avoid them).