Sodium salt (E117)

E-117 sodium salt belongs to the category of orange dyes. Formally, such additives in food should be used specifically to improve the color characteristics of food products, but very often manufacturers try to hide a low-quality product that can cause significant damage to human health behind abbreviations that are incomprehensible to consumers. In addition, not every food coloring is healthy, even when used directly for its intended purpose, many of them have carcinogenic properties.

Why E-additives are prohibited

It is necessary to understand why, despite the obvious harm to the body, additives with the “E” index are still constantly found on food packages. The letter "E" itself denotes in this context the fact that the nutritional supplement complies with the nutritional standards recognized in the European Union, and the numbers after the letter identify the direct type of supplement. Those who believe that these substances were not previously used in food are greatly mistaken - just up to a certain point on the packages the name of the substances that make up the products as preservatives and dyes was written in full, for example, “sodium salt”. Due to the volume of the text, it was decided to replace the names of food additives with an alphanumeric code.

In many countries around the world today, E-additives are not desirable in foods and some of them are strictly prohibited from use. Included in this list of prohibited food colors and sodium salt E-117. The fact is that the results of experimental tests of the effect of all food additives on the human body are published every six months. If a negative impact on the health of a person or animal is found in the food containing a food additive, it is prohibited or restricted in use.

The irony is that such studies are conducted once every 6 months and all those food additives that manufacturers start using between reviews are not officially banned, but can cause serious harm to health. In addition, some additives are not recognized by international organizations as harmful and dangerous just because they do not lead to death. These additives include sodium salt E-117, which is a prohibited food coloring in Russia, but can be used in some EU countries in the production of flour, confectionery or meat products. Russian researchers from the Research Institute of Nutrition at the Academy of Medical Sciences found that E-117 sodium salt can cause food poisoning, which, as you know, can affect a person’s future health in different ways.