The Energy Balance Rule: What Really Shapes Body Mass

In today's world, many people strive for a healthy lifestyle, the main external indicator of which is moderate weight. People actively lose weight using diets, exercising and limiting themselves in many things. However, even such a strict attitude towards oneself does not always give the desired result. All this happens for the reason that many do not know the basic rule, thanks to which extra pounds will begin to melt on their own.

Energy balance

So, with proper nutrition and active sports loads, a slender body should appear in the shortest possible time. If this does not happen, people turn to doctors in order to find and cure those health problems that prevent them from losing weight normally. However, sometimes nothing will work if you do not follow the elementary rule of the energy balance of nutrition.

Science has proven that it is much easier for the human body to maintain a constant weight than to constantly get rid of extra, in our opinion, kilograms. The calculation of the energy balance of nutrition helps not only to effectively lose weight, but also helps to ensure that our body does not begin to suffer from obesity.

The rule of energy balance implies the equality of calories consumed and expended daily. If this equality is maintained, a person will never get fat. When you consume more calories than you can spend during the day, they turn into extra pounds and centimeters on the hips and waist. If a person eats low-calorie foods, or eats little and consumes fewer calories than his body spends per day, then he invariably loses weight. This is the main secret of active weight loss.

The energy balance in the organization of human nutrition should play a key role, even if the process of losing weight is not an end in itself. Only by observing this rule, a person does not overload his own body and all its systems with excess calories, fatty and heavy food, or, conversely, too malnutrition food, as a result of which all kinds of diseases and problems can arise.

Approximate calculations of daily calorie expenditure for women are presented by experts as follows: eight hours of sleep - 300 kilocalories, an eight-hour working day in the office - 550 kilocalories, the cost of traveling to work and home when traveling by public transport - 28 kilocalories for every half an hour, an hour of load in the gym - 350 kilocalories, other energy costs not taken into account above per day should take about 800 kilocalories. For a man, this figure will be a total of 400 kilocalories higher. However, these are only approximate indicators, a lot depends on the initial body weight, lifestyle, age and many other factors. Today, special calculators will help to correctly calculate your own energy balance, taking into account all the features of each organism.

Examples of maintaining energy balance

Anthony Howard-Crow, a fitness blogger from the US state of Colorado, became famous for his experiment, during which a man spent 100 days ate exclusively ice cream, that is, far from a dietary dish. At the same time, during this period he managed to lose as much as 15 kilograms.

An elementary calculation of the energy balance of nutrition helped the man to achieve such a stunning result. Every day in his diet, he consumed no more than 2000 kilocalories, actively went in for sports, trying to burn more calories than he got into the body with food. However, the ice cream diet did not go painlessly for him - by the end of the experiment, the blogger complained of frequent weakness in the body, which is not strange, given that ice cream contains too few useful substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Another person, Iowa teacher John Cisna, ate only fast food for 6 months, but lost 28 kilograms. Such a diet, of course, does not differ in usefulness, however, these examples are indicative of how important the calculation of the energy balance of nutrition is for losing weight and keeping fit. Just do not forget about physical activity in parallel, which will help maintain muscle mass in good condition, and then success in losing weight will be ensured. [thirteen].