The ideal diet designed for people over 50

Researchers at the Rotman Research Institute and a Canadian consortium have named products that promote thought and memory retention for retirees. They allow you to cope with certain manifestations of aging of the body and prolong mental clarity.

Canadian scientists have developed a nutrition system for people over the age of 50 years.

Dr. Greenwool spoke about how a healthy diet is the key to maintaining cognitive functions. And this is increasingly being proven in the scientific literature. Older people should eat more berries, cruciferous vegetables: cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

In addition, studies have shown that older people should add fish and nuts to their diet. They should be consumed a couple of times a week. Also, their menu should consist of bean soups and healthy fats from olive oil. In addition, a person must independently control their own nutrition.

Such a diet may reduce the likelihood of developing cognitive impairment. And they, as you know, can develop into Alzheimer's disease. [nine].