Walking barefoot, massage and other ways to improve health

Walking barefoot is a pastime from childhood. In summer, the children went to the village to their grandmother and gathered with friends on the street to run barefoot through puddles, sand or grass. In the conditions of the city, a modern person can walk barefoot only during outdoor recreation.

There are several studies that support the notion that living barefoot brings more health benefits. Many talk about the amazing results of this practice, while its critics point to the lack of basic scientific research in this area. Special shoes are also being developed that mimic their absence, socks with fingers and massage slippers.

Scientifically, walking barefoot is called "grounding", it helps a person get rid of many health problems.

Scientists' conclusions about the importance of "grounding"

In one an article was published in American journals that talked about research on walking barefoot. Their results proved that it is very beneficial for human health. It turns out that walking barefoot not only gives pleasure and prevents flat feet, but also affects many processes in the body.

In the course of the analyzes carried out, it was found that walking barefoot: strengthens the immune system; improves mood; stabilizes blood pressure; improves the condition of the skin; increases electrical impulses in the brain.

In addition, people with chronic diseases notice that their constant pain subsides after walking barefoot on the ground or grass. This is explained by the stabilization of blood circulation and the impact on the nerve endings located on the feet, which in turn are associated with the internal organs of a person.

There are other benefits of frequent walking without shoes:

  • sleep improves;
  • strengthens the nervous system;
  • vision stabilizes;
  • the cardiovascular system is restored;
  • signs of chronic fatigue and stress are reduced;
  • reduces inflammation;
  • hormonal balance stabilizes.

Despite the fact that you can only walk barefoot in the summer, many people put a box of sand and stones at home that you can tread on every day.

Foot massage

There is much more to say about the benefits of walking barefoot, but there are other ways to influence the acupuncture points of the feet. This is a special massage, which is carried out in salons with hands or with the help of electric massagers. The easiest way is a rubber ball with spikes or massage movements with the hands of each centimeter of the feet.

The success of the method requires the regularity of the exercises. It's the only way to see the end result. If they are carried out from time to time, then the person will feel only temporary relief from tension and a short-term pleasant sensation.

The best time for a foot massage is before bedtime. Therefore, daily self-massage should be carried out for ten minutes. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the foot, but also to the fingers. They also need to be kneaded, spreading as much as possible to the sides.

It is permissible to massage the feet with a special spiked mat. It is better to stand on it while brushing your teeth or just for ten minutes.

You can also buy socks with fingers. Toes should be separated so that the legs rest after a day spent in shoes and so that they do not deform.

Sneakers imitating "barefoot" running

Some sports shoe companies produce sneakers in their collection that imitate walking and running barefoot. Many athletes who play sports professionally have already changed their usual sneakers to barefoot ones. But from the point of view of medical specialists, these shoes should be treated with caution. Running in it is different from ordinary sneakers, the load on the joints and bones, so health problems can arise, especially when switching from regular shoes to special shoes abruptly. But, on the other hand, running in such sneakers is much more useful. Therefore, after the purchase, you do not need to immediately run long distances. The first time you need to get used to them for a few weeks, and maybe months.

In special shops you can buy orthopedic insoles and massage shoes. They are equipped with spikes or tubercles that will stimulate the nerve endings on the feet, and the person's well-being will gradually improve. Such shoes will be a good prevention of flat feet or other foot deformities.

How to keep your feet healthy

Our feet don't get much of the care and attention they deserve. And this is wrong, because only healthy feet can maintain the systems and processes that take place in the body in proper condition.

If the feet become colder than usual, or the hair on the toes has disappeared, then this indicates a violation of the blood flow. You can stabilize it with the help of physical exercises and a contrast shower. It is also recommended to dip your feet alternately in cold and hot water for ten minutes. But, if a month after the start of such a procedure, the legs remain cold, it is necessary to consult with an endocrinologist. Such a condition may be caused by a pathology of the thyroid gland.

If seizures or other discomfort occur during sports and walking, attention should be paid to increasing the amount of vitamin B and magnesium. Therefore, fresh vegetables, legumes, mushrooms and whole grains should be added to the diet.

The feet are a very important part of the body because they carry a lot of stress. If they become supercooled and get wet, then the temperature of the nasal mucosa immediately drops and a runny nose appears.

Also, it should be remembered that not only the work of the respiratory tract, but also other organs depends on the health of the feet. For example, hearing, vision, bones, genitourinary system, digestion, thyroid gland, lungs, bronchi, liver and others. And all because there are energy points on the feet through which the internal organs are affected. And, unfortunately, it can be negative, especially for women, because they most often wear uncomfortable shoes with heels and use synthetic socks and tights, which also have a negative effect on the body.

Such problems can be recognized by the appearance of corns and general roughness of the skin on the skin of the foot, because they do not randomly appear in the same places. Accordingly, health problems are activated. It is necessary to massage these areas of the foot, and then health will be restored.

Such methods of treatment were known in ancient times, but they are widely used today in oriental medicine, when the functions of internal organs are normalized with the help of massage of reflexogenic points.

However, you can simply walk barefoot on the ground, pebbles or grass, thereby activating energy in sensitive places and giving the body strength and health.

The connection of points on the feet with internal organs

It is very simple to detect the connection of reflexogenic points with internal organs.

For example, the balls of the toes are responsible for the frontal and maxillary sinuses. The left sinuses are projected on the left leg, the right sinuses, respectively, on the right. That is why after getting wet and freezing of the legs, a runny nose and pain in the head appear.

The points responsible for the eyes are located on the fold of the second and third toes. Therefore, in order to enhance visual acuity, you need to walk a little, stretching them. In addition, it will help normalize intraocular pressure.

In front of the foot and on its sides are points responsible for the throat, bronchi and inner ear. After getting your feet wet, you may feel a runny nose, coughing and stuffy ears. Also nearby are places responsible for the lungs. Freezing feet often causes them to become inflamed.

The association of colds with wet feet can often be seen in young children. After all, their immune system is not yet as strong as in adults, and they get sick more often.

There are places on each foot that are responsible for a specific organ, for example, the gallbladder point is on the right foot, and the heart point is located in front of the left foot.

This association is often seen in the elderly. Some may feel pain or lameness in their left leg a few days before a heart attack. However, many simply do not pay attention to it and in vain. This indicates a violation in the work of the cardiovascular system, which should be carefully listened to.

Also, pain in a different area of ​​the foot indicates other deviations in human health.

It should be said that not only can the functioning of the kidneys and liver be impaired by alcohol, pills or improper diet, but a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to problems in this area. A person moves little, there is no “natural” foot massage, so it is necessary to carry it out on your own to improve well-being.

In women, there is a point in the middle of the heel that is responsible for the right and left ovaries. The projection to the foot corresponds to the right or left side. Therefore, many may feel an unpleasant feeling on the heel before the appearance of pain in the lower abdomen. The fallopian tubes "are" along the Achilles tendon on the outside of the foot.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that massage of certain points of the foot contributes to the normalization of the work of some organs, and discomfort in the foot area can signal certain diseases.