What happens to people when they sleep

Sleep is an indispensable part of our life, the proper functioning of the body, mood and appearance depend on it. Healthy and regular sleep is essential for everyone. During sleep, a person seems to fall out of the real world, but the brain still works. In addition, something amazing happens to us at this time.

Continuous operation without smelling

A person does not smell smells during sleep, and even the most caustic can not always wake him up. The sense of smell is dulled, and why this happens is unknown. At this time, the brain is able to create various illusions, one of which may be a pungent smell, which is not really there.

The brain never sleeps, even when a person dreams, his head still works, while some problems are solved. This is quite normal and the proverb: “The morning is wiser than the evening”, just explains this fact.

20 minutes of temporary paralysis

The human body is "paralyzed" for a while, because the brain shuts off neurons that are responsible for movement. This state is necessary for our body for its own safety. The person is completely immobilized and does not perform any actions from dreams. The phenomenon lasts no more than twenty minutes. Mostly this happens before going to bed or before the person wakes up.

“Memory cleaning”

Throughout the day, each of us receives too much different information, and it is impossible to remember every little thing. Because the enhanced work of the brain begins at the moment when a person opens his eyes after sleep, he tries to remember everything: where it stands, lies, who speaks and what it says - this is mostly unnecessary information. Therefore, the brain in a dream sorts it and erases the excess.

Everything that is important, the brain stores in long-term memory, moving information from short-term. Therefore, it is better to rest at night.

When sleep is deep enough, the brain disconnects from reality, so some may sleepwalk, talk, or simply move. American experts conducted studies, the results of which showed that this behavior is due to lack of sleep. It must last at least seven hours.

What happens to the muscles of the body

Everyone understands that the most comfortable position for sleeping is lying down. But why not sitting or standing? And because for complete relaxation, the body must be even, as in a standing position, but in this case, the muscles will not be able to relax.

Of course, a person can sleep in other positions, but the sleep will be incomplete. For example, while sitting, the muscles of the back and neck do not relax, because they do not feel support. The fibers of the muscles that connect the vertebrae are stretched, and the joints responsible for their mobility are compressed. Therefore, after such a dream, a person feels pain in the neck and lower back.

People who sleep sitting up and even standing up may fall (muscles relax and the body seeks a comfortable position to rest). The desire to lie down is a defensive reaction.

But do not think that during sleep, all the muscles of the human body relax and rest, for example, the eyes and eyelids are always tense.

How the internal organs work

The blood flow in the human body does not stop at night, it only slows down a little, like the heartbeat. The frequency of breathing decreases and it becomes not so deep. The work of the kidneys and liver is similar. Body temperature drops by one degree. The stomach does not change its working pace.

Different senses work differently. For example, a person wakes up from loud or unusual sounds, but may not always respond to the smell.

A change in temperature causes the body to wake up. This can be seen when a person throws off a blanket in a dream. As soon as the body temperature drops to 27 degrees, he will wake up. The same happens with an increase to 37 degrees.

Body movements during sleep

I wonder why a person can turn over, tuck or straighten his legs, lie on his stomach or back during sleep? In the course of the studies, scientists have found that this happens when some irritants appear: light, changes in air temperature, the movement of a person sleeping nearby. All this affects the process, and the body cannot go into a deep sleep stage. Therefore, in the morning there may be a feeling of weakness, fatigue.

However, lying down all night without moving is also not possible, because those parts of the body that are in contact with the bed experience a lot of pressure. A healthy and restful sleep requires a comfortable surface, such as a semi-rigid sofa or a spring mattress.