Why do women's belly grow with age?

Women are called the beautiful half of humanity for their beauty, sincerity, harmony, both external and internal. Young ladies, attracting admiring glances, are slender, energetic, with appetizing forms. Looking great sometimes takes a lot of effort. But, unfortunately, they do not always lead to the desired results. What is the reason for the increase in body volume, in particular, the expansion of the waist? This is the most exciting question, often not only for women.

The main causes of an increase in waist circumference

  1. Stress. Numerous scientific studies prove that stress is the primary cause of most diseases. Ordinary mental dissatisfaction, lack of positive emotions, struggle under the sun upset the emotional balance of any person, and especially a woman who feels everything so subtly. Under stress, a storm of emotions causes a violation of the energy shell in a person, as a result, the body instructs the physical body to defend itself: armor is needed, and the body creates a shield for its organs, that is, the “tummy” grows.

Decision: relatives, loved ones and friends are an inexhaustible source of our positive emotions, our protection in bad weather. It is necessary to spend free time together, in a good company, saturating yourself and others with positive emotions as much as possible.

  1. Sleep disturbance. We are given by nature a protective mechanism that restores tissues, the forces of the body, as if “dead water” from a fairy tale is a dream. In a dream, the brain does a great job: it restores the correct train of thought, finds a solution to the tasks, checks the work of the whole organism. In turn, in the whole body there is a “cleaning, cleaning, repair” of all organs and systems.

Solution: good sleep helps not only to eliminate stress, but also restores overall physical health, mental balance of the body, and therefore harmony.

  1. Motor activity. In the era of technological progress, many devices make our life easier, there is no need to do hard physical work around the house. Means of communication, the Internet replace direct communication during meetings, games, walks. As a result, our muscles do not receive a load for the harmonious development of the physical body, unused calories from food are stored “in reserve”.

Solution: move, socialize, play outdoors!

  1. Malnutrition. Who can boast that he eats properly, fully, natural products? Often, the modern rhythm of life dictates its own nutritional conditions: these are snacks with high-calorie sandwiches, semi-finished products with flavor enhancers, sweeteners, and stimulating drinks. We do not get enough fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, and therefore vitamins, trace elements. The emerging imbalance leads to the storage of "surplus", the formation of adipose tissue.

Decision: you need wholesome food, with enough fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, seafood, sour-milk, meat products. Replace snacks with a full meal, do not overeat. Drink enough liquid ( water, fruit drink ).

  1. Bad habits. Among the reasons for the appearance of excess deposits at the waist, which can be influenced independently and consciously, are bad habits. Smoking, alcohol abuse, stimulants ( coffee, energy drinks) disrupt the nutritional balance, metabolism in the body, increase the excretion of vitamins and microelements. All this leads to disruption of the body, organs and systems, and consequently, to body fat.

Solution: Decidedly quit bad habits!

6. Endocrine changes. As a person grows up, all his internal organs change, and the endocrine system is no exception. Moreover, sooner or later it can fail. Violations can be triggered by the production of excess hormones during pregnancy and childbirth or problems with the thyroid gland. Genetic features, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, sleep disturbances, nutrition, which also affect the hormonal background, should not be ruled out. Fortunately, some can be adjusted.

Decision: consultation and possible treatment under the direction of a physician.

7. Gynecological and oncological diseases. In fact, these reasons are not as common as the previous ones. Nevertheless, you should not write them off, because. they really provoke a spontaneous set of fat mass. But most often, such diseases are also accompanied by other symptoms.

Decision: do not neglect the consultation with specialists. Moreover, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible if there is a suspicion of a disease, since early detection of the disease increases the chances of a speedy recovery.


Don't despair and "twist" yourself about non-ideal forms, it's better to try known methods to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon. So, the main thing that solves many health problems, makes us slim, active, full of energy at any age is:

  • peace of mind, stress resistance;
  • good sleep;
  • quality rest with memorable events filled with positive emotions;
  • physical activity, better outdoors and in pleasant company;
  • wholesome healthy food in moderation, freshly prepared, without preservatives, flavor enhancers, sweeteners;
  • preventive examination, medical observation.

They say we only live once. Mother nature gave us the physical body as a gift, our task is to take care of it. Moreover, there are enough resources that can help to understand this issue and always stay healthy. The main thing is our desire and a little effort.