Why You Can't Diet Yourself

Very often we spend a lot of effort to lose weight, but as a result we can only get disappointment. And instead of a slender, toned body, which we wanted to get on a harmless diet, we get completely harmless diseases. How not to become a victim of your own desires and not harm yourself? Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight should read this.

Dangerous mistakes when losing weight

The most common mistake is the independent use of "effective" drugs, fast diets, some kind of electronic butterflies for instant abs and similar miracles that swarming global computer network. The Internet is full of reviews about "effective" drugs, fast diets, some kind of electronic butterflies for instant abs and similar miracles. Our nature is such that we simplify for ourselves everything that can be simplified. Unfortunately, trusting dubious reviews on the Internet, thousands of people believe "dubious" methods: "How to lose weight at home without making any effort?". Because it's easier and faster than working with a specialist, such as a nutritionist.

If you mishandle "weight loss" methods, you can earn a lot of problems instead of a beautiful waist. Ulcers, neurosis, skin problems, depressive states, anorexia are just a short list of consequences. Let's take a closer look at what we make mistakes and how they affect our body.

Nutrient withdrawal

The history of nutrition has seen attacks on each of the nutrients we need: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Losing weight completely excluded either protein foods or fatty foods. Today, carbohydrates are outcast. Such practice without the recommendation of a doctor never ends positively. The shift in the balance of nutrients affects all vital systems of the body: the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory, central nervous system.

Lack of protein leads to weakness of the muscles and tissues of the internal organs. Due to the deficiency of fats, vitamins and minerals are not absorbed. The least that happens in this case is hair loss, dullness and dryness of the skin, bad mood and insomnia. A constant low-carbohydrate diet or the complete exclusion of carbohydrates leads to a decrease in efficiency, hormonal disorders, and bone destruction. Problems with the liver, stomach, endocrine system are the results of a long-term rejection of one of the elements. In such a situation, there can be no talk of lightness and beauty. Only a doctor can prescribe nutrition with a decrease in one or another substance.

Critical calorie reduction

It's true that in order to lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake. This simple truth "in the hands" of dilettantes reaches the point of absurdity, people consume 200 kcal per day or generally switch to water. Firstly, there is no clear norm of calories that suits everyone. It can be calculated only with the calculation of energy consumption, and after the examination. This also requires a certified doctor and an experienced trainer. Secondly, “reduce” does not mean striving for zero. Games with low-calorie diets are very dangerous, as it is quite easy to cross the line between "good" and "bad". Among the dangerous consequences: anorexia, bulimia, severe disturbances in the functioning of internal organs. Recovery from such diets is long and difficult. Unfortunately, patients in the last stages of anorexia are not always saved.

All diet articles on our site are for informational purposes only. You can study them, but in order to apply the diet you like, you need to discuss it with a nutritionist.

Faith in miracles

Pills, belts, special creams and salts - an assortment for supposedly easy weight loss. If creams and bath salts simply take away money from gullible losers, then the situation with pills is much more serious. The market offers three types of drugs for weight loss:

  • laxatives;
  • antidepressants;
  • tablets with helminth larvae.

Here one is more dangerous than the other. A laxative without a doctor's appointment leads to digestive disorders, internal bleeding (with large amounts of the drug), loss of nutrients. The doctor will never prescribe these pills for weight loss, laxatives have a different purpose and such drugs cannot help to lose weight.

Equally dangerous are the consequences of misuse of antidepressants and tranquilizers. People do lose weight, but by the end of the course, obesity is no longer a major problem. Psychological failures, neuroses, even borderline personality disorders. It is necessary to get out of such a state of losing weight very painstakingly and for a long time. The use of parasite larvae for weight loss is already a sign of psychiatric disorders. With free penetration into the bloodstream, they spread throughout the body and affect the internal organs, which is dangerous for human health and life. In this case, the spectrum of consequences is obvious, and death is no exception.

How to go on a diet correctly

Everything ingenious is simple. It is safe to lose weight and, most importantly, to keep the necessary weight is possible only under the supervision of specialists. You need to build a diet individually and after an examination, and only a certified nutritionist can do this. But one diet is difficult to bring the body to the ideal. Flabby muscles and sagging skin are not the best companions, so you need a fitness trainer. With proper physical activity, the process of losing fat mass will go faster and more reliably. Often the cause of excess weight lies in overeating, and here psychotherapy is indispensable.

Ideally, when a nutritionist, psychotherapist and a trainer work in tandem. But depending on the situation, one specialist is enough. When choosing a nutritionist, be sure to pay attention to his qualifications and work experience. They can be checked by reviews, on the forums or right in his office. A real nutritionist must be a medical doctor by training, a certificate in dietetics courses does not count. Distinguishing an impostor from a medic is very simple. If the doctor does not prescribe examinations and tests before compiling the diet, this is the reason to find another nutritionist.

If a person is in a difficult emotional state due to overweight, then a psychotherapist or a clinical psychologist, and sometimes a psychiatrist is needed. Overeating can be observed in severe depression, borderline disorders, psychosis, so the appointment of special psychotropic drugs is sometimes required. An ordinary psychologist may not even distinguish between these diseases, and will only worsen the situation. A good psychotherapist will understand the causes of this problem and find a way out of the situation. It will also help to avoid stiffness and shame before going to the gym, which is very common among overweight people.


So, for safe and high-quality weight loss, you need help: a nutritionist and trainer, sometimes a psychologist. This will save you from possible mistakes, speed up the process of losing weight and ensure long-term results. It seems easier only at the very beginning to prescribe diets for yourself, instead of working with a specialist. Do not lead to serious consequences, do not test your body for strength - it may not pass this test.