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Cashew W240

Cashew Nuts commonly known as Kaju in India are one of the most nutritious nuts. Cashews originate in many countries like Brazil, Vietnam, India, Ivory Coast etc. It is imported in India in raw form with its shell on and then is processed for consumption. In India it is native to Mangalore, Orissa, Kerala, Goa. Cashews are differentiated on basis of there size and shape. Cashews are available as Wholes, Splits and Broken and then they are differentiated with respect to number of nuts per pound. For example W240 cashew grade is defined as W is for whole and 240 means that 240 cashew kernels are there in one pound of it. Smaller the size more the kernels in per pound. On basis of the same cashews are classfied as W320, W240, W210 and W180. W180 being the king in size. W210 is Jumbo variety. W240 Cashews are the most consumed out of all and they are good in size and price. W320 is the last grade which is small in size and is mostly sold because of its comparitively low price and less knowledge of the customers on the grade. Chefcap believes in not only serving there customer with best of products but educate them about what they are consuming. Chefcap ,your online dry fruits partner, procures best variety of W240 cashews and supplies to its customers at lowest prices. We can procure W210 and W180 only on special request. Cashews are main snacks used in daily household and one of the most important dry fruit at times of Diwali. Cashew nuts are high source of dietary fibres and hence can be useful in Weight loss. They are also high source of Magnesium which can help in developing strong bones. Cashew nuts have a special powerful antioxidant called as Zea Xanthin which helps in creating protective layer around the eye and avoid allergies.
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Price : ₹ 297