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Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon or Dalchini is one of the most important spice used in Indian as well as Global cuisines. Ceylon Cinnamon is the most controversial topic talked about because of its different varieties available in market. Ceylon Cinnamon can be characterized into two forms : Cassia and Cinnamon. Both of them are different entities and have different trees for production.

Cassia mainly comes from China and Vietnam who are the biggest producers of the same. Cassia is mainly used in Indian spices grinding to provide special aroma and a sweet taste to our dishes. Cassia can be used in almost every Indian dish. The most important use that Cassia comes in is Tea. The bark has few white spots which are often confused with being fungus but it is not it is actually the tree structure in China and Vietnam. The fungus in Cassia is detected when the bark color is green.

Cinnamon whereas is also subcategorized in 2 parts : Cinnamonium Cassia and Cinnamonium Zeylanicum. Very few people know the difference and the difference lies in hydrocarbons and essential oil. Cinnamonium Cassia comes from China and Vietnam and have very high volatile oil and flavor. It is mainly used in Oil extraction companies and spice grinding and also by very few pharmacies.

Cinnamonium Zeylanicum is native to Sri Lanka mainly and southern part of India. It is high priced and the flavor is very less as compared to the cinnamon cassia. The health benefits that we read regarding dalchini is inside it. It is the key answer to fat reduction and mainly sugar reduction. It also helps control Blood pressure. Boil some water with cinnamonium zeylanicum and a cup of it everyday morning proves to be of great benefit. But Cinnamon is a hot spice by nature so consulting your physician for allergies and heart rate is important before starting.

Cassia exposure to water and moisture developes fungus (green color) on back side of bark which is not advised. Sometimes Cassia is adulterated with few chemicals to improve the color and appearance of inner bark but it is not advised to use the same. We procure natural cassia and cinnamonium zeylanicum from best sources for our clients.

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