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Garam Masala

Garam masala is a blend of various ground spices. The word garam literally means warm and so garam masala is a warm spice. The recipe of garam masala varies for each region.

Do you know apart from adding taste and aroma to food, Garam masala also has amazing health benefits? It brings all the six kinds of taste to the food to formulate a balanced diet.

The health benefits of garam masala are

• It is an effective painkiller
• Builds immunity and fights diseases.
• Increases the ability to absorb proteins, minerals, and vitamins.
• Slow down the aging process.
• Fights bad breath.
• Lowers blood sugar level.
• Promotes weight loss.
• Soothes stomach upset.
• Relieves heartburn and gas.
• Aids in detoxification and reduces bloating.

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