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Long Pepper

Long pepper which is also known as Indian Long Pepper or Pippali is a spice used for cooking and it is a fragrant vine. It is dried and used as seasoning or spice. They are similar in taste to the other pepper like the black, white and green pepper but they are much hotter. The plant is very fragrant and its fruit and root are extremely useful. 

This plant is grown extensively in India and also in some parts of Asia. It is a sporadic ingredient in European cuisine but it is commonly used in Indian, North African, Nepalese and Malaysian cuisine.  In grocery stores, long pepper is known as pippali. When it is grounded, it can be used as a substitute for black pepper and it gives flavor to the cuisine. Moreover, it mixes well with all kinds of cooking.

Long Pepper is used in making Pickles, Chawanprash. It is also extensively used as an ingredient in Cooking Kebabs, Biryanis, Chicken Masalas, Premium Quality Garam Masalas and many more. Long Pepper is organic in Nature and it is mostly grown in parts of Indonesia. Chefcap's Long Pepper is imported from Indonesia directy with best of the exporters and is provided to its customers at wholesale prices. 

Price : ₹ 70