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Mace (Javitri)

Mace and Nutmeg commonly called as Javitri and Jaiphal respectively are the same plant. Mace is outer covering of Nutmeg. When a nutmeg is dropped from the tree it has an outer hard shell over it. It is removed and then there is mace which is covering over the inner shell of nutmeg. The mace is then separated and the inner shell is again removed to get Nutmeg.

Mace is native to Southern part of India, Indonesia and Grenada. Mace when fresh is red in color and has very high content of moisture when it is exposed to sunlight it takes around 2 months for it to change color to orange- yellow and then yellow. Yellower the mace more is the Volatile oil and flavor in it.

Indian Mace is usually used in Red color and Indonesian in Yellow color. Yellow has more flavor in it compared to red one. Both of the mace find there usage in Pharmaceutical industry and Spice Grinding industry. It is one of the main ingredients of Premium range Garam Masalas, Biryani Masalas, Chicken Masalas.

Mace these days undergoes a lot of adulteration. Since red color fetches good prices to traders so people usually color it with harmful colors to give it a good appearance. Put some mace in boiling water and the red color will come off. If a mace is yellow color mace or orange yellow it is never adulterated. But if too much bright red means its colored.

Storage is very essential as it has to be stored in airtight containers as moisture will degrade its color and keeping it open will reduce the aroma. It is a heavy priced spice and is recommended for Non vegetarian dishes mainly.

Price : ₹ 250