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Premium Garam Masala

From the lush spice fields of India comes the premium quality garam masala in Chefcap. Our garam masala tastes the same like the ones from your mother’s kitchen. That makes us Best Manufacturer of Spices. It retains its aroma, flavor, and taste and makes your food more delicious. It has the finest blend of spices from all over India.

The recipe of garam masala is not fixed. You can make it more spicy or less spicy according to your taste. Garam masala adds flavor and extra taste to the dishes. Your sabzi and dal are taken to another level on the addition of garam masala. The ingredients of garam masala are:

• Green cardamom pods
• Cinnamon sticks
• Cloves
• Black cardamom pods
• Freshly grated nutmeg.
• Coriander seeds
• Black peppercorn
• Cumin
The alternative recipe includes
• Fennel seeds
• Garlic
• Mustard seeds
• Malabar leaves or Bay leaf
• Saffron
• Turmeric
• Star anise
• Ginger
• Mace
• Fenugreek
• Tamarind

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Price : ₹ 70