Reffer & earn's 100

This festival season share the HAPPINESS

  1. The cash back of 100 points will be added to your Chefcap’s wallet.
  2. This 100 Rs flashback will be credited in both the party’s Chefcap’s wallet. (e.g, the one who is referring and the one who is being referred)
  3. Only 10% of the cashback points will be redeemed on your next order, and remaining points can again be redeemed on your another order with us. This goes on like this for every order unless the cashback points are in the wallet.
  4. As soon as the order is confirmed, the cashback will be added in your chefcap's account.
  5. If the order is cancelled then the cashback will be removed from your Chefcap's account.
  6. Chefcap reserves the right to altar/change this offer at anytime without any prior notice.